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Cityscapes and Urban Art

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Dion Archibald (Cityscapes – Australia)
Brian Simons (Cityscapes – Canada)
Marc Sabatella (Cityscapes – CO,USA)
Julia Watkins (Cityscapes – NY,USA)
eHOW: Night Cityscape Step-by-Step (Watercolor Lesson)
Google Book: Painting the Town (NY Cityscape Collection)
Gary Olsen (Cityscapes/More – IA,USA)
David Antonides (Cityscapes/Urban – Canada)
Ryan Orewiler (Cityscapes/More – OH,USA)
Gregg Kreutz (Cityscapes/More – NY,USA)
Veerakeat (Cityscapes/Urban – CA,USA)
A.G. Hansen (Cityscapes – NJ,USA)
Elizabeth Washburn (Cityscapes/More – CA,USA)
Sarah Pollock (Cityscapes/Landscapes – PA,USA)

DailyPainters: Cityscapes (Cityscapes/Landscapes)
Hugh Mossman (Cityscapes/Urban – ID,USA)
Birgit Busch (Cityscapes/More – Germany)
Kurt Gabel (Cityscapes/Landscape – CO,USA)
Elizabeth Daggar (Cityscapes/Landscape – NY,USA)
Michael Swanson (Cityscape – Canada)
Justin “Projekt” Rowley (Portrait/Urban – CA,USA)
Marcus Antonius Jansen (Cityscapes/Urban – NY,USA)
Kathleen Migliore Newton (Cityscape/Urban – NY,USA)
Robin-Kibbys (Cityscape/Urban – CA,USA)
Urban Factory Paintings (Cityscape – Art History)
Gareth Bate (Cityscapes/Urban – Canada))
Urban Isolation: York Chang and Yu Ji (Cityscape/Urban – CA,USA)
Joe Paquet (Urban Cityscape – MN,USA)
Shawn Demarest (Cityscapes – OR,USA)