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"Ebb Tide"  15" x 22"  Watercolor  © Tom Fong

Watercolour Alhambra, CA, USA California native Tom Fong paints with a renowned creative abandon, attacking the paper in his signature “free and loose” style. He distills the artistic essence of whatever subject matter
"Dream"  Watercolor,  © Barbara Nechis

Watercolour Calistoga, CA, USA The art of Barbara Nechis reflects the rhythms of life in a manner both primal and sensitive. Her artistic vision, one that goes to the core of what creativity
"Four Men on a Bicycle"  Watercolor,  22" x 30"  © Dong Kingman

American Watercolor Master Dong Kingman left the world a legacy of visual happiness. His unique role in the development of American art through the medium of watercolor over the past half century involved
LEFT: "Cycle in the puddle" © Milind Mulik

WATERCOLORS India Being An Artist “We all know that to be able to draw, or paint, or even to possess all the necessary technical painting skills, does not make one an artist. Every
"Cedar Key Survivors"

East Boothbay, Maine, USA Tony van Hasselt’s workshops are still very popular. They should be, this whole “watercolor workshop” thing is largely his fault. As an immigrant-pioneer-art student, he and his friend, artist
"Morning Cafe"
- 2008

Cumming, Georgia “WATERCOLOR: You Can Do It!” by Tony Couch was first published in 1987 by Northlight Books. It quickly became the defacto textbook for watercolor instruction at many college art departments. In

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Pennsylvania artist Frank Webb, the veteran watercolor artist and teacher, continues to wow those who attend his workshops. Now 82, he has been running his workshops for 29 years, displaying
"Old Mount Vernon Station"-2008

Watercolor Workshops Salem, IL, USA Chris Roberts lives, works, and plays out of the southern Illinois town of Salem. His journey to watercolor painting was inspired by the popular PBS watercolor shows and

Perkinsville, Vermont, USA Award-winning, nationally exhibited Vermont artist Robert J. O’Brien has been painting in watercolor for over thirty years. Since moving to New England in 1977, he has focused his brushes on
"Tokyo Express"

“Washington D.C, USA Nicholas Simmons, a contemporary Washington D.C. artist, continues to make headlines with his beautifully bold, large-format paintings. His works will be featured in the Winter 2009 issue of Watercolor magazine
"Faery Glen" -2007

Minnesota, USA “Meredith Dillman is fantasy artist and illustrator living in Minnesota. Most of her paintings are created with watercolor. Meredith enjoys painting fairies, woodland creatures and other fantasy and medieval themes and

Kyoto, Japan Marlies Merk Najaka has been a professional artist for 30 years. Her striking watercolor paintings are included in many corporate, museum and private collections and she is a signature member of
"Sunny Morning (Dimineata insorita)"

Watercolors Transylvania, ROMANIA We are proud to introduce Romanian artist Vasile Popescu, the newest member of our Artist Galleries. A dedicated watercolorist, Vasile carried his vocation through a very busy career of chief
"Rhapsody in Pink"

Watercolors Lake Oswego, Oregon Maud Durland, an award-winning Oregon watercolor artist, captures her motifs in a figurative and contemporary style. She is known for her calming renderings of landscapes and she also likes
"Japanese Jewel"

Winston-Salem, North Carolina Sterling Edwards is a North Carolina (USA) watercolor artist who has received international recognition for his luminous watercolor paintings. Combining rich values, bold composition, and transparent paint, Sterling has established